Spear Street Capital is an owner and operator of distinctive office properties located in the United States, Canada and Europe. We focus on assets and portfolios greater than $25 million in total value, targeting well conceived and located properties that can succeed through creative leasing efforts, physical improvements, entitlement changes or realization of adaptive re-use strategies. Properties may be located in both primary and secondary markets provided they possess, or can attain, superior appeal to quality tenants.

Spear Street Capital has an established track record as a dependable and resourceful buyer of complicated office assets, having bought, sold or developed in a broad array of markets through all real estate cycles. We have creatively structured acquisitions to meet the needs of diverse sellers, including individuals and joint ventures, corporations, lenders in possession, domestic institutions and offshore owners. Holding periods for acquired assets have varied from several years to over a decade.


Spear Street Capital began operations in 2001 and has raised a series of investment partnerships since that time. Our most recent investment partnership was formed in 2023. Over our history, we have invested in more than 85 properties in various markets in the United States, Canada and Europe, representing over $11.0 billion in total value. We typically are the sole owners of our properties but have in select cases invested with joint venture partners.

Our investments have included single assets and multi-asset portfolios, large corporate campuses, as well as partial and full development projects. We have acquired properties at every level of occupancy, from completely vacant to fully occupied. Sold assets to date represent over $7.0 billion in total value. Spear Street Capital’s investment activities are fully discretionary, thereby ensuring quick, efficient and discreet transactions.

The firm maintains offices in San Francisco and New York.